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Unbundled Legal Services

Traditional legal representation typically involves representing a client from the start of a legal matter through its resolution. Depending on the circumstances, this may or may not best serve the client’s needs. If a client seeks to lower legal costs or desires to have more control over his or her legal matter, retaining a lawyer for transaction specific services or unbundled legal services may be a preferred option. 

These services provided include:

  • Reviewing decision-making options
  • Providing legal advice in a specific matter without full representation
  • Providing legal research on a specific topic
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Drafting legal agreements that have been arrived at through mediation or through independent discussions between parties
  • Reviewing mediated agreements drafted by either a mediator or an attorney
  • Assisting a client while they participate in mediation
  • Negotiating and/or evaluating a settlement
  • Coaching while a client represents themselves

When hired to perform a specific, unbundled legal task, I work with clients to determine their specific needs, develop an affordable fee structure and clearly allocate between us responsibilities for getting the job done. It is a client-centered approach to providing representation that is limited in scope, but not limited in quality.


Collaborative Law

Unbundled Legal Services